The Fabric Speaks for Itself



When you see it, touch it, wear it, the fabric speaks for itself.


Quite simply, that’s been the hallmark of JASCO since it was founded in 1946. Beginning with Norman Norell, Claire McCardell and Charles James until now, leading designers have looked to JASCO as America’s most highly regarded fabric resource for unmatched quality, innovation and service. Our signature matte and wool jerseys, as well as an array of novelty and confined fabrications, were regularly featured in the collections of 7th Avenue elite.

Visionary creations fabricated in JASCO — the “baseball jersey,” the “wrap dress,” “seven easy pieces,” and showcased in all five U.S. collections at the revolutionary “Battle of Versailles,” secured the brand’s esteemed position in American fashion history.

Over the decades JASCO served a wide range of customers, from high-end and secondary lines, private label and emerging talent, aspiring students and the entertainment market, to couturiers and the home sewing trade. Ever evolving, JASCO has rebooted its most widely recognized signature style, crepe rayon matte jersey, with a wholly unique distribution platform to address the current need of niche markets.

We’re grateful for our place within the fabric of the industry we serve and proud to continue our journey. Enjoy your visit to our scrapbook!

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